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Court finds Nurofen misled public on pain products

Global drug manufacturers are looking at their brand labels after the Australian Federal Court Monday ordered Britain’s Reckitt Benckiser to pull several of its Nurofen pain relief ranges from the market.

The court ruled that the Nurofen Back Pain, Period Pain, Migraine Pain and Tension Headache products were in fact identical and that Reckitt Benckiser had “engaged in misleading conduct” by labeling them for different ailments.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), which brought the court action, said that Reckitt Benckiser had three months to remove the Nurofen Specific Pain products from retail shelves. The ACCC brought the action after it had requested Nurofen dropped the specifically branded products and their claims after doctors and patients had pointed out the tablets in the separately branded products were exactly the same.

The company will return to court in the New Year, when it will face a heavy fine, but it is already experiencing a bout of bad publicity on national television.