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Politicians face tougher expenses regime as Speaker falls

Last updated on 20 September 2015

Bronwyn Bishop, MP

Australians hates politicians with snouts in the trough.

In the last two weeks the shocking case of the speaker of the House of Representatives, Bronwyn Bishop has dominated the media and talk back radio. The excesses of Mrs Bishop first came to light when it emerged that she chartered a helicopter at a cost of $5277  to the taxpayer to take her the 160 km from Melbourne airport to Geelong and back. She was attending a Liberal party fund raiser.  The road journey would have taken under an hour each way. It then emerged she had also used taxpayer funded flight to attend weddings.

After nearly a fortnight’s procrastination, Bishop resigned. It then emerged that her chief critic, Tony Burke, leader of Opposition business in the House of Representatives had taken his family business class on a three-day trip to Uluru (Ayer”s Rock) at a cost of $20,000 while on official business when he was Labor’s environment minister. Then other examples came out of the woodwork, with two leading Abbott government figures making several publicly-funded trips to visit their holiday homes in far north Queensland.